Top Technologies that Are Used in Sports Industry

A lot of people love sports. As a result, technology is now getting its way into sports. When it comes to officiating and administering sports, technology solves problems that humans cannot. Therefore, players and fans can get a fair judgment. For instance, in 2016 wta finals, technology was used. The following are top technology currently used in sports.

Instant Replays

This is a good example of how technology can change sports. The technology helps sports officials to check what happened. This gives another perspective of the sporting events. You will find this technology used in different sports such as football, soccer, cricket, rugby, and more. In the past, there were fears that instant replays in the sports arena can incite fans, but this has greatly changed.

Sensor Gadgets

This type of tool helps analyze whether the result is valid or not. Ideally, it is a great tool to use where it becomes difficult to tell with your eye whether a goal was scored or not. The type of sensor used varies from one sport to another. For instance, in tennis, a laser beam is used to check whether the tool went out of bounds. The sensor technology helps to check the exact position of a ball.

Timing System

In this era, a stopwatch is never used to time a race. As a result, the effect of reaction time does not affect the consistency and precision of any given racing event. If you have watched races recently, the starter pistol is connected to a clock. Similar technology is used in swimming where swimmers put on wearable sensors to measure their performance. Also, some racing events use photography and laser beams.


RFID Chips

These types of chips help determine the performance of individuals in a large event. In this case, the device features an antenna that relays the wireless signal. You will find these chips to be useful in marathons as they help the viewers and broadcasters to check the exact locations of runners. There are two types of RFID chips: passive and active chips. The active chips come with a power source or built-in battery.

Manufacture of Equipment

As you know, safety is quite important in sports. Therefore, there is a need for sports equipment manufacturers to come up with devices that help minimize injuries. You can now find special helmets that are used in American Football to prevent concussion injuries. These helmets absorb the resulting shock from collisions.…