Windows 10

Simple Ways to Recover Files Deleted Accidentally in Windows 10

Although we are always attentive to what we are doing with the computer, it is very easy to accidentally hit the delete button and delete the files with a single stroke of the pen. This problem has coexisted with users from the origin of computers, but luckily we have some tools and options that will allow us to recover files deleted by mistake in Windows 10.

To try to make it as easy and practical as possible, here are some great alternatives and options to achieve it as it best suits you. It will not be necessary to be a computer expert, but be very clear about the steps you will learn.

Recover Files in Windows 10

These recovery methods areWindows 10 file recovery valid for both the operating system on tablets like on laptop or desktop. They can also be used for photographs, videos, PDFs, documents, or executables, among others, without an established limit. Here are the best recovery options to try out.

Recycle Bin and Backup

The first place we should look for the files is in the Windows 10 recycle bin. They have all the elements you delete, and you can restore them, but possibly this had already occurred to you before, and your situation is more worrying. In another case, you could resort to backup, but only if you have a dedicated program to do them periodically or take care of doing it in Windows 10, an option that few people use.

Recover Deleted Files from Trash

file recoveryThe next step you have to take begins by installing the Recuva program from the official website. This software has been designed for situations like the ones where you have eliminated everything from the trash. With this, you will be able to focus your search and improve it.

The Ultimate Solution to Recover Files

In case all of the above did not work, we still have an alternative to recover deleted items from Windows 10, and it is a tool found in its own app store. The Windows File Recovery is the perfect tool, and it’s totally free. You just have to look for it in the store and install it. After installing, follow the instructions on the command screen to have an easy time recovering your files. It is that simple. You no longer have to worry when you accidentally delete files from your computer because the recovery process is not complicated. Try the above options for easy recovery.…

drone battery care

How to Take Care of a Drone Battery

Drones rely on rechargeable batteries. The condition of the batteries and their usage time can influence your experience caring for a drone. Knowledge of how to properly use and care for batteries is of the utmost importance. Likewise, not all batteries are the same, and you should know which one to choose for better performance.

Battery Types

There are three types ofdrone batteries batteries that a drone can use: those made of nickel-cadmium (NiCd), those of nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), and those of polymer lithium (LiPo). The first two were used for years but had a short life and power losses in an idle state. Currently, LiPo batteries have increased their use by drones. However, there are several aspects related to the use and care of these batteries that every drone pilot should know.

Why Use a LiPo Battery?

Most drones use a polymer lithium battery due to its lightness, making them easier to handle, and its high charging performance. A LiPo battery does not lose charge if it is not used for a month or two. This type of battery is also used in video games and telephones, so its basic rules of care are the same: do not use any means of fast charging the first time it will be charged or do not leave the battery connected once it is fully charged.

How to Take Care of a Newly Purchased LiPo Battery

As stated above, the first time you go to charge your lithium polymer battery, you should not use any means of fast charging. Likewise, it is not recommended to let the LiPo battery discharge completely during the first few cycles. If you detect that the battery is less than 20%, the ideal would be to stop piloting and charge until it is again with a full charge.

Never Neglect Battery Charging

LiPo batteries require special conditions for their safe charge. It is essential that you only use the charger included in your battery or, if necessary, one from the same manufacturer for the same model. Otherwise, the battery may lose its balance and stop working. Likewise, never stop paying attention to the battery and don’t charge it with children and pets at home. Any change in the intensity of charge or sudden movement could cause an accident. Preferably charge LiPo batteries outside your home.

When to Stop Using a Battery?

As a general rule of thumb, when a LiPo battery no longer charges more than 80% of its capacity, it is time to dispose of it. This will depend on the use that you have given it. If you flew daily and always with the battery half charged, it would last you a lesser amount of charge cycles.

The benefits of using drones are many. And the use of the battery is an essential part of how to take care of a drone correctly and function without problems over time.…